Energy Code Champion

Felix Lopez | Energy Code Champion Summer 2012

In honor of his many years of service to the energy code arena, the Texas State Energy Conservation Office, and given his recent retirement from that service, BCAP has selected Felix Lopez as Energy Code Champion for summer 2012. Felix’s dedication to energy-efficiency through his years of service to the state of Texas has resulted in innumerable energy savings for the state. His work has saved home owners and businesses money, reduced Texas’s demand for imported energy, and has improved the environment. His recent retirement from the State Energy Conservation Office leaves a legacy of stewardship and commitment to reducing energy use that will carry on for many years.

We salute Felix for his many years of service, but especially for his many years of staunch support for energy codes and as a great old friend of BCAP.

Read more about Felix Lopez.

Each quarter, BCAP recognizes a new Energy Code Champion, someone who has been working hard behind the scenes to advocate for improving building energy codes. If you have someone you would like to nominate, please write to Matt Kerns at

Past Energy Code Champions:
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Winter 2012 — Maire Claire Voorhees
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