BCAP is proud to host the Online Code Environment and Advocacy Network (OCEAN), the online community and international best practice network for everything related to energy codes.

Dive into the OCEAN of energy codes today!

OCEAN is an interactive resource designed to share experiences, best practices, educational resources, and news about building energy codes. By creating a virtual community, OCEAN enables stakeholders to discuss and learn about code issues, connect to trainers and educators, and find policies and program ideas that can serve as models. In many ways, OCEAN is a product of its users and provides valuable, reliable information based on real experience.

Learn From and Share Valuable Resources

OCEAN’s online library is conveniently divided into research topics covering all facets of energy codes, including technical documents, best practices, reports, and more. While BCAP frequently uploads its own work to the site, OCEAN members are actively encouraged to share their own resources for the benefit of the codes community.

Connect with a Network of Professionals

The world of building energy codes is much larger than most people imagine. OCEAN can help point you in the right direction.  Registering with OCEAN gives you access to other professionals in the field. You can also post your own resources, start a discussion or search for others in the member directory. The entire BCAP staff and OCEAN’s online resources are at your fingertips.

Finally, if you’re interested in working in the energy codes world, please visit the OCEAN Jobs Board!

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