What We Do

With over twenty years of experience, BCAP has established itself as a trusted, non-partisan U.S. leader for energy code advocacy, research and analysis, technical support, training, and code status tracking. From its national platform, BCAP facilitates increased communication and collaboration between allies, identifies and navigates past policy and structural pitfalls, and helps state and local decision-makers design strategies to improve building energy efficiency. BCAP also applies its expertise overseas, most recently in India, Ukraine and across the APEC economies.

BCAP is also proud to host the Online Code Environment and Advocacy Network (OCEAN), the online community and international best practice network for everything related to energy codes. Check it out today!


Our Services

BCAP’s team of technical, policy, and outreach experts are here to help.


Selected Projects

A sampling of the work we’re doing to advance energy codes.


Annual Report

An overview of BCAP’s work, upcoming projects, finances, and more.