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BTS Members Birthday Date, Zodiac Signs, Names, Age, Height!

Here in this article, we have covered BTS Members Birthday Dates, BTS Member's Zodiac Signs, and Full Names. Today we are back with one interesting blog that is about the BTS member. If you are a fan of pop-up music then you probably know a lot about the BTS members. So, let's take a look at BTS Member Birthday, Zodiac signs, and Age.

BTS is a South Korean boy band of seven members, popularly known as Bangtan Boys. The band was formed in 2010 and they debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. The BTS members consist of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The band is composed of three rappers including RM, Suga, and J-Hope whereas Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook handle the vocal part.

Their lyrics and songs are always discussing mental health, troubles of school-age youth, loss, the journey of love, and self-well-being. Their work is unique and always focuses on a storyline that touches the soul of the audience. The Korean pop-up band got popularity after launching their single album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ in the Korean language in 2013. Later in 2014, BTS members launched ‘Dark & Wild’, and ‘Wake Up’ which shoot their popularity and demand for pop-up music. The band was discussing the problems of mental health in their songs that no one talks about nowadays.

Suga, one of the BTS members stated, “We started to tell the stories that people wanted to hear and were ready to hear, stories that other people could not or would not tell. We said what other people were feeling- like pain, anxieties, and worries. That was our goal, to create this empathy that people can relate to.”


BTS Members Birthday Date, Zodiac Signs, height, and Full Names

The fans always wonder about their star's birthday date. Here we have listed BTS Member's Birthday, Full Names, Weights and Height. Keep reading!


BTS Birthday






4th December 1992

30 years


5 feet 9 inch

67 kg


9th March 1993

29 years


5 feet 8 inch

63 kg


18th February 1994

28 years


5 feet 7 inch

59 kg


12th September 1994

28 years


5 feet 8 inch

65 kg


13th October 1995

27 years


5 feet 7 inch

61 kg


30th December 1995

27 years


5 feet 8 inch

62 kg


1st September 1997

25 years


5 feet 8 inch

70 kg

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BTS Member Names and their Cars Collection

BTS Members Birthday Date, Zodiac Signs, Names, Age, Height!

1. BTS Member Jimin

He is the oldest and funniest member of the BTS. He is the only guy in his group who is outgoing, lovable, and friendliest. A true Sagittarius person. The BTS group found him in the Seoul Streets. Besides, singing he is also passionate about cooking. This BTS member owns a restaurant in Seoul. As above already we discussed BTS Member Jimin Birthday Date in the article above BTS Members Birthday!

BTS member jimin

Cars Collection of Jimin

Jimin has frequently seen in his Porsche Panamera Turbo and Lamborghini Aventador S. These cars are popular with band members.


2. BTS Member Suga

Suga, the lead rapper, songwriter, and record producer who is a Piscean is known for his hard work and musical interest. Suga is passionate about the piano. The rapper is kind-hearted and believes in humanity. On his 26th birthday, Suga donated $88,000 worth of meat and 329 BT21 Shooky dolls to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Hope you have found the Member Suga Birthday above in the article BTS Member Birthday Date.

BTS Member suga

Cars Collection of Suga

This Korean Rapper owns Hyundai Palisade worth $47,000.


3. BTS Member J Hope

Being an Aquarius, J-Hope (Jung Ho-Seok) is a quiet and shy-natured guy. The dancer joined the BTS group in 2013 by winning a national-level dance competition. On March 1, 2018, J-Hope released his first solo Hope World believes that music can do wonders and take away all sorrows.

BTS Member J Hope

Cars Collection of J Hope

J-Hope owns a Porsche Carrera 911 worth around $84,000.


4. BTS Member RM

Kim Namjoon who is famous as RM belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. His writing speech and sense can be identified from his raping bar. He is the best translator of his band group and is often seen as a translator in interviews. RM is the leader of his band group.

BTS member RM

Cars Collection of RM

He owns Audi RS4 which is worth around $80,000.


5. BTS Member Jin

The funniest member of the BTS group Jin (Kim Seok-Jin) holding the sign Sagittarius is quite endearing. He loves to explore new things either in the field of music or anything else. Kim has written lots of songs for the BTS group and released three solo tracks with BTS including Awake, Epiphany, and Moon. Besides, the music he is also a good actor and recently he started a restaurant in South Korea with his brother.


Cars collection of Jin

He owns Mini Countryman and a Lamborghini Aventador which cost him around $29,100 and $421,000 respectively.


6. BTS Member V

Kim Tae-Hyung Wei popularly known as V is a Capricorn which can be seen in his personality and actions. The South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor is main vocalist of the South Korean band BTS. V has unique vocals which are sometimes difficult for him to match with his facial expressions.

BTS member V

Cars Collection of V

He owns a Genesis GV80 prestige SUV which is around $70,900.


7. BTS Member Jungkook

Also known as Golden Makkah, this Virgo boy is the youngest BTS member. He is the vocalist of the South Korean boy band BTS. Besides, he has also directed BTS album “Life Goes On.” Many entertainment companies wanted to sign Jungkook but he choose Big Hit after meeting RM. He is also passionate about playing different musical instruments.


Cars Collection of JungKook

He has a Mercedes Benz AMG GT63S worth $161,000.


BTS Member's Height, Weight, and Real Names

Are you curious to know the real names of each BTS Member? We are here to describe the names of each BTS Member. Along with the Height of the BTS Member, we gonna disclose the weight of each BTS Member. 

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Highlights of Rising in the career of BTS Member

In 2010, BTS was formed under Big Hit Entertainment around RM (Kim Namjoon), an underground rapper who was popularly known for his music scene in Seoul. The boys came to the limelight in 2013 after they performed in a small crowd of industry insiders. Along with Carrer and BTS Members Birthday dates, we have also written an article on BTS member's Age and the Songs they have written.

The BTS members debuted in 2013, with their single album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ which talked about the young people’s anxiety and shocking waves in their life. The album occupied the fifth position on South Korea’s Gaon Music Chart. Later the same year, BTS released many albums N.O., No More Dreams, O! RUL8, 2, and lots more which focus on the frustration of youth towards the educational system of Korean society.


In 2014, they released the ‘Skool Luv Affair’ which topped the “Gaon Album Chart” and appeared on Billboards World Albums for the first time sticking at number three. Apart from K-pop BTS members tried other styles of music in hip hop which is seen in “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1” which was released in 2015. This music expressed the youth trilogy and struggles of young people and become the first music video to receive 100 Million views on YouTube.

You Never Walk Alone, Spring Day, etc were BTS songs that won Best song of the Year at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

BTS members ‘Love Yourself’, album created the second highest monthly sales in the history of the Gaon chart. It was the first in 16 years which entered the Billboard Hot 100 after the album Chapter 4 (2001).

BTS members became the first K-pop group to perform at the American Music Awards. They never looked back after that and won several awards at the Golden Disc and Seoul Music Awards.

As of 2022, BTS is the best-selling artist in South Korean history, and their studio album Map of the Soul: 7 (2020) is the best-selling album of all time in South Korea. They were awarded Global Recording Artist of the Year for both 2020 and 2021.


Social Media of BTS Member

The BTS Boys have a huge fan following not only in Korea and Japan but the boys have a huge fan following in India.


Instagram Followers

Link to Instagram account


37.7 M

Jin Instagram



Suga Instagram



J-hope Instagram



RM Instagram


47.4 M

V Instagram


39.7 M

Jimin Instagram



Jangkook Instagram

Must Check - FAQs

1. Who is the Youngest and Oldest Member of BTS?

Jungkook is the youngest BTS member and Jin is the oldest one.

2. Who started solo releses in BTS group?

J-Hope released his first solo mix tape in 2018 that entered Billiboard Hot 100. J-Hope BTS member rocked his solo career too besides group band.

3. The last member added to the BTS group?

Jin is the seventh and last member added to the BTS who was a trained dancer. He was first auditioned in Busan, Korea. He cleared the audition and then become trainee in Seoul.

4. Who is most successful BTS member?

According to Billiboard reports, BTS member Jin is the most successful musician of all time. His solo track “Super Tuna” splashed the Billiboard’s chart in worldwide list. He has a huge fan following in India also.

5. What is BTS member’s favorite country?

BTS members love their home country, South Korea. Besides, boys also love Japan and sung lots of song in Japanese language.