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7 Ways To Fix The Yellow Light On The Verizon Router 

Easy ways to fix The Yellow Light On The Verizon Router -  Connection issues are common in routers while their solutions are common too. Reset/reboot the router and magic, your connection is alright again. Well, how would you know if your router's connection is up or down? Lights. Routers flash lights to indicate the connection strength. 

Different colour code lights mean different things such as different lights in a modem indicating different things. For example, blue and white light blinking indicates internet connectivity problems. Just the same way, different colour codes on routers mean different things. 

Here, we are gonna discuss what it means for a router to flash a solid yellow light. Well, if you see a solid yellow light flashing through your router, it probably means that there is no internet connection. To confirm the case, you can check the Ethernet connection. Rebooting the router might help and fix the problem. 

In addition, a blinking light indicates how close an extender is. Now, let us tell you how to reboot the router. It takes just a couple of minutes and is not a big deal.

To reboot the router, unplug it from the power source and the backup battery (disconnect it from inside). Leave the router this way for a couple of minutes. After some time or a couple of minutes, put the battery back in and connect the power cable to the power source again. 

Well, as already said, different colour codes mean different things so as a router user, you must know which is the right colour code for your router. Let’s begin with the real thing.


What Is The Right Color For My Verizon Router?

As we have already told you, there are various colour codes which mean different things. A Verizon router also has a few. There are a few colour codes and these are the ones that tell the situation your Verizon router is in. There are five colour codes a Verizon router shows. Let’s understand their meanings and know who they actually are.

White light is the one right colour your router must have to indicate that it is working properly. Blue light is also fine to have as a solid blue light indicates that it has successfully paired with some device while a blinking blue light indicates that the router is ready to pair with a device. A green light indicates no device available. If there is some traffic, it starts blinking. 

While we have seen all the other three colour codes were completely normal for a router to show, the remaining colour code is the abnormal one. The red colour light indicates that the router is having some trouble operating. In this article, we are going to talk about how to fix a flashing yellow light through the router. Let's begin with what it means for a router to flash a yellow light. 


Why Is My Verizon Router Flashing Yellow Light?

7 Ways To Fix The Yellow Light On The Verizon Router 

A yellow light flashing through your router probably means that there is some connection issue your router is facing. Still, it depends upon which kind of yellow light your router is flashing. It depends on whether it is a solid yellow light or a blinking yellow light. 

The frequency with which the yellow light blinks indicates how strong the connection between your router and your extender is. Well, the connection strength is directly proportional to the frequency of the light flashing. The statement means the faster the light blinks, the stronger the connection is.

If the yellow light is flashing at a slow pace, try placing it near the extender. In many cases, it happens to be the reason for the slow internet connection. If the yellow light seems to be blinking faster than before, it means that the connection is getting stronger. 


How To Fix The Yellow Light?

Since the answer to the colour code indicates connection issues, we are going to find solutions to fix the internet connection issues. Let’s start with the first one. 


1. Ethernet Cable: Loose or Damaged.

An Ethernet cable is used to transfer broadband signals between the router and your device. Since it is responsible for the Internet connection, it is important for it to be completed fixed. Follow the following instructions to fix the Ethernet cables. 

There are two Ethernet cables that can be found at the back of the router. Checking them right away might be able to understand and fix the problem.

The first step is to find these cables at the back of the router. To figure out if they are Ethernet cables or not, let’s understand their characteristics to identify them. 

So, once you locate the cables, check if they are loose. Check if they aren’t able to connect with the router properly. If they are loosely connected, push them into the router and turn the router on again. It might work in this case. 

If you are still unable to get the connection, check if they are damaged in any way. Also, if your cables have had a long time with you, it is worth replacing them with new ones.


2. Reboot.

Rebooting is one of the simplest and easiest ways to fix the yellow light blinking, i.e., internet connection. Sometimes, cutting the connection off completely helps the router gain it completely. It helps the router reconnect with the network again. So, so how do you reboot a router?  Here is the way you can reboot your Verizon router. 

The first step has to be turning your router off. One point to be noted is that some routers have a battery backup so don’t forget to remove the battery. Once done with disconnecting everything, wait for a couple of minutes or just 30 seconds. 

Now, turn the router on, reconnect the battery if you disconnected one, and wait for the router to process and become active. Check if the router is flashing a solid white light. 

Most of the time when your cables are in a good condition, rebooting the router helps. 


3. Ethernet Cable: Unplug.

The process is very similar to rebooting. Well, not just similar but as simple as rebooting too. The first step begins with unplugging the Ethernet cable along with the router. Unplug both of them. Wait for some time, just a few seconds or minutes. After then, plug the Verizon router back in and wait for a few seconds to check if the green light flashes. If it does, it will turn orange within the next few seconds. Then, plug the Ethernet cable in. 

In the method discussed just above, it was just rebooting the router. If it didn't resolve the issue, you should try this one. 


4. Overheating.

Many times, you would notice that your electronic devices would stop working properly or start lagging once they are overheated because of overuse. The case could happen with your Verizon router as well. The router stops connecting to the internet due to overheating. 

Usually, new routers don't heat up. If your router is years old and lags while connecting to the internet or overheats, you should purchase a new one and replace the old one with it. The solution for this is simple and easy. If you feel the router is heating, you should turn it off and let it cool down. 


Note: Disconnect all the batteries (as they are there in some routers) for the router to shut down completely. 

Also, don't keep your router in a hot place such as near a heater. Keep it in a dry and cool place for it to cool down. 


5. Reset it. 

What is reset? It means re-setting everything like it was before, isn't it? Resetting your Verizon router will reset it to its new version like it was before. There are a few benefits that come along with resetting any device. Here are the benefits which come up with resetting a router:

A lot of modern routers have this "reset pinhole button" on the back of the system. Pressing it and holding it for about 20-30 seconds can reboot your router and probably help you gain connection back again.

If it does not work, there are other ways too. Let's move ahead with more. 


6. Yellow light blinking. 

As we have already seen above what it means to see a blinking yellow light. It means that the extender should be placed close enough to the router to establish a strong internet connection.

Well, how would you get to know whether the connection is getting stronger or not? It is very easy. Focus on the frequency of the light blinking. If it is blinking slowly, your connection is still slow while if it is blinking faster than before, the connection is getting better and stronger.  When there is a stable internet connection, you will get to see no yellow light blinking but you will get to see a solid white light. 

The issue is straightforward to fix because it is just a connection issue and not an issue with the Verizon router. Well, anyway, if nothing helped, all you should do is contact the Verizon service provider. 


7. Contact Verizon

It is a smart move to go ahead for official help if none of the above solutions has worked for your router to gain its connection back again. Well, you can contact the Service Provider if the yellow light keeps blinking. 

Another reason why you are going through connection issues is that behind-the-scenes are happening. Sometimes technical glitches occur and to fix them and maintain the services, the work going on behind the scenes interferes with the internet connection of all the users. It would be better if you contact the Service Provider and check on them in such a case. 

Usually, the Service Providers contact their customers and inform them before the maintenance process comes to life. If they haven't, you can always contact them. They will probably fix the issue once you contact them. Verizon customer service is always known as reliable one. 


Conclude it all.

The connection issues are never major enough to cost you a thick pile of bucks. Meanwhile, it might take your time to fix the issues. Mostly, the connection issues get done within just a reboot or replacing the Ethernet cables. Some cases also come up with connection issues due to the behind-the-scenes maintenance process going on. Meanwhile, only a few come up when there is some issue with the router only and not with the connection. 

Well, if rebooting the router or replacing the Ethernet cable doesn't work then another simple way to try fixing the connection is resetting the router. 

In the end, you have to wait for the connection to get stronger.

Must Check - FAQs

1. How long can a router last?

A router can last up to 5 years on average if no damage is done to it and used properly.

2. Do routers perform the same with an increase of connected devices?

No, it depends upon the internet speed the router is providing and the number of devices it is connected to.

3. How many devices can I router be connected to?

A router can connect to a maximum of 250 devices and still provide a good internet connection if it is flashing a solid white light.

4. How much area can a router cover?

The area a router covers varies from router to router and its band reach.

5. I want to connect two routers. Can I connect them with a cable?

Yes, a second router can be connected to each other through an Ethernet cable.