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How Gb WhatsApp Pro APK Download is different from Original WhatsApp APK

For those who don't know, GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download is a modified version of the well-known cross-platform messaging app "WhatsApp." The doors to this purportedly "improved" version of WhatsApp opened in 2014, and it has been steadily accumulating users ever since. Since then, a number of additional developers have also launched their individual WhatsApp clones or mods, but few of them have found any success. The most popular clone app to date among the pool of cracked versions is GB WhatsApp. Unofficial WhatsApp MOD offers a number of helpful features that the official WhatsApp app never lets them utilize.


What Is GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download, then?


Latest Versions GB Whatsapp Pro APK - Download Now

How Gb WhatsApp Pro APK Download is different from Original WhatsApp APK

GB Whatsapp Download [VERSION] Developer
GB Whatsapp Pro APK 21.10  By HeyMods
GB Whatsapp Pro v20.50 - Download  


Is it safe to use WhatsApp APK?


Is using GB WhatsApp Pro APK secure?


GB WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Features Availability

The main channel and a beta testing version of WhatsApp are both accessible for download via Android, iOS, Windows, and other device shops. On the other hand, GB WhatsApp may be downloaded as an APK file from its website even if it is not listed in the Google Play Store.

  1. Number of characters

Because GB WhatsApp allows them to post their status up to 250 characters instead of 139 characters, they can now include extensive quotes in their status updates. Share inspiring quotations with ease in their WhatsApp status.

  1. Delete Last Seen

They may hide their last seen on WhatsApp to keep stalkers at bay. When the last seen is hidden, their whole contact list's last seen is eventually hidden as well. GB WhatsApp, however, allows them to hide last seen for only particular Contacts, therefore this is not a problem.

  1. Blocking

Blocking was once only available to contacts. By additionally banning unsolicited audio or video calls, GB WhatsApp gives it an additional advantage.

  1. Cover up second ticks

Users of WhatsApp now have the option to hide ticks thanks to a new feature. The people who send the messages will therefore be unable to determine whether they have read them or not. However, because to double ticks, they will be able to observe that messages are delivered to them.

  1. Sharing Images and Videos

GB WhatsApp gives they the power to share 90 pics in just one click, which is a great feature for all the selfie-obsessed women out there. WhatsApp only allows them to share 10 photos at a time.

With the ordinary version, they can send files up to 16 MB in size, but with GB WhatsApp, they can send videos up to 30 MB in size. They may now share large video files with their pals and enjoy doing so.

  1. Calling through video

This feature for face-to-face communication is supported by both messengers. However, the most recent upgrade to GB WhatsApp, version 5.15, improved its performance and made video streaming superior to the earlier iteration.

  1. Themes

Through GB WhatsApp's theme store, they may browse through millions of themes. They have more control over how the app looks, and they can create their own themes or search the web from within the app to find more images.


Pros of using GB WhatsApp:

Let us have some idea regarding GB Whatsapp APK Mods. What are the pros of GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download?


Cons of GB WhatsApp:


Pros of using WhatsApp:


Cons of GB WhatsApp:

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