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How can you Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One?

Fix the issue "Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One" - Amazon fire Tv stick is a media streaming device that helps you in streaming video, installing apps, playing music, etc. on your tv. It's built on the Android platform and converts your standard tv to a smart one. Using this, you can install android apps on the device, play games, and enjoy music. It comes with ease of usage and additional connectivity that comes along with it.

This is indeed a beneficial tool, but what if you lose it? How will you operate your smart tv now? Without the old stick is it possible to pair a new fire stick?

To know all these things stay hooked till the end, and you will get to know everything about firesticks.

Here are a few processes that you can follow to do it

These are the steps you have to follow to pair the new remote without the old one

Firstly you have to Unpair the old remote using the new remoted after paired; then, You have to Use the Firestick app to remove the old one from the paired list. Finally, you have to Reset your Fire TV to default settings


How can you Unpair the Old Remote from the Fire Stick?

 How can you Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One?

Firstly you have to Unplug your Firestick from the back of the TV. Then Unplug the Firestick TV from the power outlet and Wait for about 5 to 6 seconds.  Now, plug in the Firestick and TV and press the power button on the new remote.

The process above will unpair your old Firestick remote without WiFi or interference with the new remote to be paired.


How can You use the Fire Stick Mobile App to pair a new Fire Stick Remote without the old one?

Once you've completed pairing the new remote, then it’s time to unpair the old one.


How to Unpair Old Fire Stick Remote using the new Remote 

Firstly you have to pair the new fire stick with your firestick remote then. You can unpair the old firestick remote from the TV settings option 

First of all, Press the “Home” button on your “Remote” to return to the TV home screen. Navigate to and select “Settings.” 

Then Scroll  and choose “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”

Select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” to pair, unpair, or update Fire TV remote software/firmware.

Navigate to the name of the old remote and press the menu button on the new remote.

Finally, Choose the “Confirm” option to unpair the old Firestick remote.

Now the question comes


How can you Pair A New Fire Stick Remote Without The Old One? 

There are a few methods through which you can pair a new fire stick without the old one.


How do you manually reset your fire stick? 

To manually reset the Firestick. Go to the Settings menu and find ‘ My FireTV ’. Once you select that, you should see a ‘ Reset To Factory Defaults ‘ option. Elect that, and your Fire Stick will reset. Still, Including Unpairing The Old Remote From The Fire Stick Remote App, Are Successful, If None Of The Above styles. Renew your Firestick. Press and hold the remote “ Home ” button when the television is booting. With the television remote you have paired, go to “ Settings>> regulators & Bluetooth bias. ” select “ Add Remote. ” And you could see commodities like FS1 or FS2.  Unpair the option that says “ Battery Offline ” with your television remote. If you choose to go with the FS2 option, you'll be able to unpair with the Firestick remote app on your phone. Officially Supported Fire Stick regulators And Remotes Official Fire Stick Remote In case you have lost your remote and want quick relief, Amazon sells the stock remote that came with your Fire Stick.


Third-Party Remote

You can add multiple third-party remotes to use with the Fire Stick. Not just to control but also for games and other similar operations. The Inteset IReTV Remote, with the help of many accessories, lets the Fire Stick admit IR signals for control. This setup includes the remote and turns controlling your Fire Stick into just like how you would control your television. The Fire Stick supports most game regulators like the Xbox Series X| S regulator or any regulator that uses Bluetooth to connect. To pair them, follow these ways. From the Fire television menu, select Settings. Select regulators and Bluetooth bias. Select Game regulators. Choose to Add a new game regulator. Put your regulator into pairing mode. Once your Fire television Stick finds your regulator, it'll show its name on the screen. Confirm pairing using your remote.

You may face problems while connecting your firestick to the tv so you can try troubleshooting



There are many troubleshooting tasks you can do If you have problems pairing your new remote. Like leading technology, you can start by taking the batteries out and staying about 10- 20 seconds before putting them back by. This will bear you to complete the pairing process again. You may want to check that the batteries are still charged. Eventually, although it's doubtful that with a new remote, you may want to check the essence battery connectors. You can Wipe the connectors with a clean cloth to ensure a solid connection when the batteries are reinstalled.

It should come as no surprise that the technology behind FireTV has made vittles for every contingency when it comes to replacing and pairing new Firestick remotes.

Here are a few of my recommendations for fire sticks and regulators


Recommended Fire Stick Remotes and regulators

You can buy a sanctioned Firestick remote to replace your misplaced device. Another option is to buy a third-party remote. They are two great options.

1. iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard - iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard is a third-party Fire Stick remote that can be used to replace the remote control of your Fire Stick. The iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard is an excellent result for using their keyboard and mouse with their Fire Stick. It's compatible with all performances of the Fire television, including the rearmost interpretation, and it offers a full-size keyboard and mouse. 

2. Logitech Harmony Elite - Logitech Harmony Elite is a third-party Fire Stick remote control with a satiny and ultramodern design. It controls all the functions of  Fire Stick, including browsing through menus and apps, switching between apps and channels, playing videos or music, etc.


Final words

In this article, we discussed how to pair a new remote without the old one. We discussed various ways through which one can do the same. You can use the fire stick mobile app, or you can also use a third-party remote. You can pair additional fire stick remotes or By using the Default TV remote to control the fire stick and pair a new Remote. We also discuss the ways by which we can unpair the old remote from the fire stick. 

We also discussed how we could manually reset our fire stick or do troubleshooting. We also saw some of the recommended remotes and regulators. We are sure that whenever your fire stick gets lost so, you will know you to solve this issue.

Must Check - FAQs

1. Can I pair my new fire stick without the old one?

Yes, you can easily pair your new fire stick without the old one. You can do it through third-party remotes or the fire tv remote app.

2. How to unpair the old remote from the fire stick?

Firstly you have to Unplug your Firestick from the TV. Then Unplug the Firestick TV from the power outlet and Wait for about 6 seconds. Now, plug in the Firestick and TV and press the power button on the new remote.

3. What are third-party remotes, and how can I use them?

Third-party remotes are additional remotes that you can link from your fire stick. At a time, you can only link seven remotes to a single fire stick. You can go to the fire tv “menu” and select settings. Then, choose Bluetooth devices and controllers, then choose the game controllers. An option showing “add a new game controller” will appear on the screen; you must select that option. Pair the controller in the pairing mode. Finally, the controller’s name will appear on the screen.

4. Can I manually reset my fire stick?

Yes, it is possible to reset the fire stick manually. You have to go to the FS2 option, and you'll be able to unpair with the Firestick remote app on your phone