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How To Fix Spectrum Modem Online Light Blinking White/Blue?

Fixing the error: Spectrum Modem Online Light Blinking White/Blue - As experienced by all the Spectrum users, undoubtedly, the service it provides is reliable. The modem can provide download speed up to 686 MB/second along with 131 MB/second of upload speed. Also, Spectrum provides routers for rent at a feasible cost of $5/month for the ones who cannot afford to buy one. 

Aren't all these benefits wonderful? Meanwhile, the modem systems "turn off", that is, they create connection problems. These connection problems are not meant to happen, but they do because of numerous reasons. There may be numerous problems which can be fixed by your own self only. Understanding the problem code makes it easier to find the solution. 

Here, we are going to discuss fixing the blue and white light blinking on your Spectrum Modem. There are a lot of colour codes that mean different things such as telling whether the connection is running smoothly or it is crashing. Thus, we must know what the blue and white light indicates. Let's dive deep into the sea. 


Spectrum modem online light blinking Blue & White: Why?

The blue and white light flashes indicate an inactive connection or a damaged coaxial cable. Either of them could be the reason why your modem is not receiving a proper internet connection. Now, the lights flashing can be either temporary or permanent. The duration depends upon the extent of damage that needs to be addressed or the amount of effort needed. Let's understand if something needs to be fixed or not. 

Temporary flashing: If the issue lasts for a couple of minutes or a maximum of 20 minutes, no worries. It will be resolved on its own. 

Permanent flashing: On the other hand, if the issue lasts longer than 20 minutes, then it's something that needs to be treated. 

Now you would have to understand if your modem system needs to be treated or left as it is. If your modem system is flashing out white and blue lights constantly, this article is for you. Permanent flashes happen because of a number of reasons including damaged cables, connection issues or something that only the Spectrum official team can fix.


The Most Basic Way To Try

How To Fix Spectrum Modem Online Light Blinking White/Blue?

A reminder about when our internet doesn't work properly on smartphones, we turn on airplane mode and turn it off within a couple of seconds or we just simply reboot the smartphone. The same goes here with the router and the cable box. 

Resetting the router. Let's see how it works. 

The same process can be done with the cable box. If the lights don't stop blinking and the modem system doesn't get the connection back, try out different solutions stated below in the article. Let's go!


Fix White & Blue Light Blinks.

As understood earlier what it can mean is that the white and blue lights are constantly blinking: The modem having trouble establishing a good internet connection. One of the reasons was the poor connection. 

Hence, let's get started with checking if all the connections are alright. 


1. Connections: 

How would an electric current run when the circuit is broken? It wouldn't. Exactly the same thing is what we want to tell you. To make sure that the system and the circuit are fixed and complete. 

Confirm that the modem is perfectly plugged in and getting sufficient power. There must be no loose cable connection. Also, check and confirm that there is no fault in the outlet or power strip into which the modem is plugged. 


2. Cables

There are a countable number of cables but what differentiates them is their different functions. We would check the cable responsible for the internet connection because obviously, there are connection issues. 

The cable responsible for the internet connection is known as the coax cable. Spectrum provides you with a coax or coaxial cable with the modem. Check if it's correctly connected with the modem, in a good condition, and not damaged. 

If you find any damage, even a little, or if you think that the coax cable is old enough to be replaced, make sure to replace it with a new one. The coax cables aren't costly making it not a big deal. 

Tip: Get a cable with better quality that would last long. 


3. Local Outage

Why not go official and search for a better reason if not the two mentioned above? Well, there can be service issues from the Spectrum itself which can lead to your connections issues such as down service. To check whether it's an issue right through the Spectrum, read the following instructions. 

On the official site of Spectrum, you can jump on the Spectrum Outage Information and Troubleshooting page to know if the internet services aren't up for good connection. If the services are down, let the modem system be. If the services are good, focus on the other points we would be talking about later. 


4. Coaxial Wall Outlet

We have just read about what coaxial cables are and what they are used for: to connect the Spectrum modem with the internet. Coaxial wall outlets are one of the parts which connect coaxial cables and a television or cable box. 

At times, there are problems occurring behind the walls which cannot be detected directly. These trouble-causing things could be damaged by rodents or anything else. Because they are responsible for connecting the modem with the internet, any fault in them can cause connection problems. A solution could be replacing the old coaxial wall outlet with a new one. Maybe it works. 


5. Reset Your Modem

Resetting the modem is one of the simplest solutions among typical ones such as replacing cables or coaxial wall outlets. Read the following instructions to reset your Spectrum modem. When you unplug your modem system from the wall and prevent the power supply from reaching it for 2-3 minutes, the power running in the modem starts going down which results in no energy left. This causes the modem to reset itself. 


Now when you plug in the modem back, there would be one of the two things you can see. 

One possibility is that you might get a solid blue light. 

The other is that the blue and white light keeps on blinking. 

If you've got the second option, unfortunately, you need to look for something else. Keep reading, we have every solution for you. 


6. Reset Your Router

Some users have their modem and router in one while some use a separate modem and a router. For those who use the modem and router separately, you need to check by resetting your router as well after resetting the modem. Read the following instructions to reset your router smoothly.


To reset your router, you must prevent the power supply from reaching the router.

Once you've plugged out the power cable, wait for a minute or two then plug the power cable back in. 

It takes a couple of minutes to process once the power cable is plugged in.

Check if the lights stop blinking after two to three minutes of you plugging in the power cable. 

If it still doesn't work, no worries, other solutions exist.


7. Reset the Router via My Spectrum App

Well, there is not just one way to reset the router. A surprise to you, isn't it? You can reset your router using the "My Spectrum App". It would probably help you get to the issue if there is one. This is what you can do to reset your router using the My Spectrum App: 


The first thing is obvious, you need to download the My Spectrum App to proceed further with the process. 

Then, you'll need to search for the "My Account" tab

After that, you'll need to select the "Services" icon where you would be able to see the icon, "Internet". 

Now, select your router and jump to the "Restart" button which you'll find in the "Restart Equipment" tab. 

Just this much and you're done with the process. 


8. The Gateway

Just above, we have discussed resetting the separate system of a modem and router. Is it known to reset the combination of a modem and router yet? No.


Let's discuss the thing here. 

It takes just 10 minutes to complete the process and see the results. The first thing to do is turn off the switch that supplies power to the gateway and disconnect it. Take out the batteries, wait for 4-5 minutes and then, put them back in. Turn the switch, wait for a minute or two and then turn the switch on. 

Let the modem system take time to establish a connection. Hopefully, this step would resolve the problem "Spectrum Modem Online Light Blinking" and establish a good connection.


9. The Cable Box

If you're reading till now, we expect the problem to not be solved yet. The cable box is the last major part of the complete Spectrum modem system left to be reset. Resetting the cable box might work if nothing did. By resetting the cable box, you might get to know if the receiver was causing issues. 


Let's see how it actually works. 

Unplug the power cable. Wait for a couple of minutes.

Plug in the power cable again.

Let the cable box take its time to establish the connection.


10. Contact Spectrum

After all the back and forth that has happened, if your modem system is still not working properly and not able to establish a proper internet connection, you must rush to the official help. 


There are two things they would be doing if the first one doesn't fix the problem. 

On the first try, they would check if there is something not good with the internet connection at your house itself. I

f there's no problem at your place, the option is to replace the hardware system because of obvious reasons.

The last try would be replacing the existing modem system with a new one. 


Verge of the Word

Blue and white light blinking in a spectrum modem isn't rocket science and doesn't actually need a long procedure to be fixed. If it takes, still not a huge mess because the Spectrum team is available all the time, every day of the year to fix your modem.

All the tips and solutions, you name, given above can be used whenever a problem like this occurs. If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, we told you who to call. 

Another thing you need to know about. The Spectrum customer service is available 24/7, every day.

To contact Spectrum customer service, call on 1-833-267-6094. 

Must Check - FAQs

1. Why is there no light flashing?

When there is no internet connection, the modem will flash no light.

2. What color should the spectrum modem light be?

The white solid color light indicates a high speed 10 GB/second internet connection. It means that everything with the modem is well.

3. When should I replace my spectrum modem with a new one?

When your modem system cannot connect with a consistent and high-speed internet connection, you should try what is suggested above and still if nothing helps, you should replace your spectrum modem system with a new one. Also, if your modem has been old enough, it's a good idea to replace it.

4. How long should I wait for my Spectrum modem to get activated?

It takes approximately two to five minutes for the flashing light to be solid one. The process may take up to 20 minutes.

5. What does it mean for the power light of my modem to be yellow?

If the power light of your Spectrum modem is yellow, it means that your system may be upgrading. If the power light, downstream indicator, upstream indicator, online indicator, and link light on the modem is green, it's absolutely fine.

6. What does blinking red light mean?

The blinking red simply indicates the router being unable to connect to the internet.