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10 Best Websites to Send Free Text Message Online in 2023!

Message sending has become a common communication medium throughout the world. It is easy to communicate with anyone via messages so we added the best 10 website via you can send free text sms online in 2023. Not only it is fast but is also an affordable medium. But it is an important thing to look for that which service provider you are choosing. It is not important that you can send messages only through a mobile phone.

Also, it is possible via various websites. you can either opt for a free service or paid one as per your demand. There are thousands of free websites whereas many are paid ones. It requires much time and effort to select one particular site for messaging. So, we have discussed a list of the top 10 websites among which you can choose anyone as all of them are good.

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Best Websites to Send Free Text Messages Online.

10 Best Websites to Send Free Text Message Online in 2023!

After looking after all features and details of each website, we have picked up some best sites for sending messages online. Below mentioned are some of them. You can go through each of them to find the best one for you as per your requirements.



With this website, you can send a message throughout the world. But you must create an account to use the services of SimpleTexting. After the creation of an account, you can set your profile picture. Also, one can send and receive messages any time one wants. You will receive the incoming message in your inbox on the website.

Also, it allows for keeping records of the message sent and received which inspired us to add in our list of 10 Best Websites to Send Free Text Message Online in 2023. This site allows sending unlimited messages to other people. It is free to use the site. It is accessible in windows, ios, android, and macOS. People in more than 25 countries are using this site. Your information through this site is secure enough. Message sending is quite effective and fast.


2. Podium.

Podium allows sending and receiving around 1000 messages at the same time which inspired us to add in our list of top 10 free Send Free Text Message Online in 202. Also, it allows people to send news, alerts, reminder, and more. It provides an SMS marketing service. Hence, you can engage more customers and sell your products. Podium also comes with an option to view the subscribers and other details.

It is a good one because it transfers all messages and data to google sheets. The basic version of this site comes with too less features. There is a messaging limit of only 160 characters at a time. It is supported in Cloud, SaaS, and web-based versions. It is not available free of cost but comes at an affordable pricing plan.


3. TextNow.

Textnow not only offers messaging feature. But it also comes with a calling feature that made us to add in our list of which inspired us to add in our list of 10 Best Websites to Send Free Text Message Online. You can send and receive unlimited messages via this site. All you need is to create an account with your mobile number and start texting anyone. One can send a personal message as well as a group message to any recipient they like.

Even if you want to schedule any message for future sending, you can do with this website. Also, you can import contacts from your device. The best thing here is that it has to chat customizable options with cover photos and wallpapers. It is also free to use texting site. One can use it on android, windows, ios, iPad, and macOS.


4. TextforFree.

As the name suggests, it is a free message-sending website. For using this site, you must create an account and start sending texts. All you will need is a phone number and an email address to create an account. You can send texts, audio, images, and more with it. just type the text to the phone number you want to send and click on send option.

It is a secured site as it keeps the records of IP addresses through which messages are sent and received. Also, it has a group-creating option. You can send a message in multiple languages through this site. It is free to use site which is compatible with almost all devices. It offers a fast texting service. But its user interface seems outdated.


5. EZ Texting.

If you are a business owner, EZ Texting is best for you. It provides an option to send messages to customers through which they can know the suitable time to visit you. Also, you can connect several users at a go via notifications and mass alerts. One can also send details about upcoming events to their customers.

Also, you are allowed to send an automatic response to the messages. It comes with a basic free trial after which you will have to choose a pricing plan. You can use it on mobile web and ios devices only. But it is available in only Canada and USA. It allows sending only 160 characters at a time. But their customer support is not that good.


6. WiFi Text.

It is a fast texting service provider. You can send an instant message to anyone in your contacts. You can send and receive texts via a guest account. You can also select one of the methods for receiving a response to your texts. It comes with a blocking feature. As a result, you can block anyone whom you feel like spam or unwanted.

The user interface of this website is quite simple and user-friendly. No need to register to use this texting site. It is free to use messaging site. One can use it only on android, windows, and ios devices. You can send text-only of size 120 characters at a time. No matter where you are, you can use it as it is available worldwide.


7. Text'em.

If you are a resident of the USA or Canada, make sure to use this site as it is best for you. you will need to create an account by using your details to access it but it is best. You can message around 100 people at a time. Also, you get the opportunity to select an option whether you want to receive a message in your inbox or email.

It blocks all spam messages by recording the IP addresses of the sender and receiver. You can send unlimited text messages to anyone you want. It is free to use. You can access it on android, ios, windows, and macOS. It comes with a user-friendly interface. But it doesn't allow sending of messages to a group at once.


8. Globefone.

It is the best website for sending online messages locally, nationally, and internationally. You can send messages even from your computer through this site. You can use this site for free. Also, it is not mandatory to create an account to send and receive messages. It is a secure site for texting. Just type a message to the phone number and click on send.

Also, it provides a calling feature as well as a video conferencing option. The best thing is that it comes with a call my phone feature. This will allow you to search for the lost device easily. You can also block spam users if needed. It is accessible in android, ios, macOS, and windows. One can send only 140 characters at a time.


9. BirdEye.

It is the best website for sending messages online messages internationally. You can send texts internationally free of co Other than messages, it allows sending of audio, videos, and more. Al, so, it is not important to create an account to send messages to users. Just open the website and start sending messages with the phone numbers.

Also, it automatically blocks spam messages. The additional feature it provides is downloading messages if you need them. It is not free. You can avail trial for some days and then you will have to choose a pricing plan. It is accessible in android, ios, macOS, and winmacOS This site doesn't allow its users to send unlimited texts.


10. Send SMS Now.

This is the last and best website for sending messages online. You can send personal as well as group messages through this site. It is a free site for texting purposes. It is free to send a personal message but you will have to pay a small fee for sending messages in groups. All you send and receive messages are available in the inbox section.

It allows sending of only 130 characters at a time. But it is mandatory to create an account to use this website. It is also not available worldwide. Users across European and North American areas can only use it. it is accessible on various devices including windows, ios, mac, windows, and more.


What shall we look for when searching for a messaging site?

Always keep these few points in mind whenever searching for a messaging site:


Closing opinion

Well, that was all to discuss free messaging online. In case you don't have a mobile phone and want to communicate with someone, you can make use of some other devices. Further through the websites, you can communicate. This is the best option which is faster and free of cost. Now, no need to surf the internet for the best sites.

Go through all the websites and check

Must Check - FAQs

1. Is there any message limit on free websites?

There are limits on some of the free websites. However, some websites do offer their services with unlimited messages where you don't have any limit

2. Are there any extra features in the paid versions?

Yes, there are some additional features in the paid version. The most important feature you get is data security.