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Who makes VIZIO TVs? (Pros,Cons,Alternatives)

Let's learn who makes VIZIO TVs, Its Pros, Cons, and Alternatives - Whenever we feel the curiosity to know something, we instantly go to the most popular search engine, Google. Suppose that you wanted to buy a new television for yourself or your family. You will instantly jump to Google and search for "Best television in the XYZ price range with XYZ features". 

Well, there are so many brands available such as Samsung, Sony, and TCL and among all of these, VIZIO is considered one of the most reliable television brands. Before we jump onto the advantages and disadvantages of the VIZIO TVs, let's consider knowing more about the brand. 

VIZIO not just manufactures LCD and LED televisions but also tablets and PCs. The best television from the brand is considered the VIZIO OLED 2020 from the VIZIO V Series 2020. So, let's move ahead on the road to know more about the VIZIO televisions. 


Who Makes VIZIO TVs?

Manufactured mostly by AmTran Technology, a Taiwan company that owns and operates several factories across Asia. If we talk about the dimensions of these televisions, the VIZIO televisions are 60-inches maximum. 

These sets are not manufactured in just one factory or area. They are manufactured in different factories and then all the parts are put together. For putting up the TV sets together, AmTran is paid by VIZIO. 

The VIZIO televisions are not manufactured in Taiwan by AmTran Technology only, instead, it is also manufactured in China. We will discuss more the section later in this article.


What brand owns VIZIO? 

Who makes VIZIO TVs? (Pros,Cons,Alternatives)

VIZIO is an independent brand and not owned by any other brand like Sony, LG, etc. It asks other manufacturers to produce their products and in return, they pay them an acceptable amount. Anyway, it is not owned by any other brand out there in the market. Because of the similar properties, it has to Sony TVs such as similar design, sometimes it is associated to be owned by Sony for its products and features. But here spilling the beans, Sony does not make VIZIO TVs. 

The manufacturer, that is, AmTran has a contract with VIZIO for its televisions' production as a matter of fact. A contract does not make AmTran own VIZIO. Hence, VIZIO is a brand of its own.


Is VIZIO Made By Sony/LG?

To spill the tea, VIZIO is not made and manufactured by any one of the companies such as Sony, LG, Samsung, Apple etc, and none of them designs a TV of the brand VIZIO that you would purchase. 

In addition, none of the companies manufactures any products of VIZIO such as tablets or PCs. This is all made by the Taiwan-based company, AmTran and the Chinese manufacturing company which we will be talking about right below. 

Moreover, VIZIO is a California-based private company. 


Where Are These TVs Produced?

As we've already recalled above, most of the VIZIO televisions are produced and set up in Taiwan. But, depending on the size, they are also manufactured in China. 

The larger sizes such as 60 inches or more are manufactured by AmTran, also known as Foxconn Electronics in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the smaller sizes of VIZIO televisions are manufactured in China. 

Thus, on the basis of the size you choose, you will get to know where the television has been manufactured and put up together. 


Is VIZIO Worth It? 

While you spend your cash on a Smart TV, you want it to be worthy of what you spend. It's not just television that comes with the money spent, a bunch of features, screen size, contrast, and much more that comes along with the television. 

There are many more brands such as Sony and LG who are obviously better than VIZIO TV but they are costlier too. So, it is obvious for you to doubt the company and its product quality. 

Well, if we look at the actual quality of VIZIO televisions, they are great and reliable and that is why they are counted as one of the good television brands among the ones like Samsung. They last long, providing a royal experience to the watcher in a dark room with its colour blends and lightning. There are many more pros of VIZIO televisions which are discussed right here, as you scroll. 


Pros Of VIZIO TVs.

There are reasons why VIZIO being an independent company, is able to compete with the old and great brands. Let's discuss the pros of VIZIO televisions. 


1. Budget friendly.

For the same features, you will get in other brands such as Samsung, VIZIO offers its Smart TVs at lower rates than the other ones in the market. 

Being cheaper than any other brand doesn't make VIZIO TVs' quality tag any less. Instead, it enhances the brand's value. Well, VIZIO TVs are not cheap for some spam reason, they are obvious and valid which we will be talking about as we approach the conclusion. 


2. Pictures Of High-quality. 

When you're looking at some show, who would like to watch it at a low picture quality? Nobody, of course! 

The VIZIO televisions are the best to watch shows in dark rooms. The color quality, picture quality, and contrast are all at the point when you watch the show on VIZIO TVs. You can clearly see the characters, words, and whatever playing on the screen. There's no comparison with VIZIO TVs when it comes to watching shows in the dark. 

All the VIZIO television models come with dimming backlights that one needs to watch things clearly, even in a dark room. VIZIO televisions can also produce some dark shades for you to watch clearly. 


3. Low Input Lag: THE FEATURE. 

VIZIO limits the input lag that makes sure that the TV graphics don't get stuck in the middle and move properly. Other cheap televisions have a lot to do with the pictures getting stuck and glitching. VIZIO televisions don't. 

In addition, as known, playing games on a system that lags a lot is annoying. Due to the low input lag feature of VIZIO televisions, it's also possible for gamers to play games. 

We don't think that any other television brand can provide the quality which VIZIO provides in the same price range.


Cons Of VIZIO TVs.

Just like everything that exists has some drawbacks, VIZIO Smart TVs also have some. While it has some of the best benefits for a middle-class man, it also has some drawbacks at the same time. Let's address them here. 


1. Not the finished one

Yes, this is how they are designed. The design looks cheaper than the other brands in the market which provide high-quality designs. The material used is not of a high quality to look at. Meanwhile, it comes up with some firmware issues as well. 

The technical issues can leave you feeling empty and not fulfilled with the product. So, not a recommended one. Also, the VIZIO televisions are known for the death of their screen. Their motherboard goes off leaving a black screen behind which would cost you $200-$400 to replace. 


2. Upscale is low

Some of the issues also include upscaling issues such as if you watch low-quality content such as DVDs, they will not appear as clear as some high-quality content. Meanwhile, as said, the channels' content would all appear crystal clear and great.

This is also one of the reasons people avoid VIZIO televisions


3. HDR Experience

The highlights that need to be bright enough don't seem as they should. The HDR experience isn't as good as you would get in other better and more expensive televisions out on the market. 

Well, all these cons are not equal to the benefits VIZIO TVs provide. Still, it depends from person to person what he chooses. Let's move on to the questions. 


Why Are VIZIO TVs Cheap? 

As we have already seen in the pros section, VIZIO Smart TVs are cheaper than the other brands in the market. It makes the customers doubt the actual quality. This is why we are here to answer why they are cheaper than any other great brand in the market. 

The doubt in the actual quality is real, unfortunately. These Smart TVs are not actually smart as they lack a lot of features. They lack great firmware as well as the televisions' design and body. They put the user in trouble with their technical issues as well as their tracking personal data policy. 

Also, the TVs are made in Taiwan and China where the labor cost is low. All the factors sum up and make the VIZIO TVs cheaper than any other brand in the market. 


How Long Do They Last?

Many televisions that are cheap don't last longer than even half of a decade. They live not for more than 3-4 years. Well, VIZIO TVs are not like them and that's what makes them compatible and unique.

Even though they are cheap and do not own some of the features a great Smart TV should have, they last for a long time. Still, depending upon a few factors involved, it is determined how long the television would last. These factors include how much it is used in a day, which settings have been turned on, and how loud the television volume is kept. Taking the best case scenario, these televisions can last up to 7 years. 

There is no guarantee that its screen will not go black or it will last up to even 3 years if it is used 24/7. Well, in the end, we say it is not so preferred as we look at the cons. 


Talk About VIZIO TVs' Reliability. 

VIZIO cannot compete with brands like Sony in terms of features but it is reliable for middle-class families. Here are the reasons why:


Summing it up

Well, overall, VIZIO Smart TVs are reliable, cheap, and long-lasting. A VIZIO television is a great choice for your home. They are not going to be the best because the cons are major and just repairing it can cost you more than the actual television when you bought it. The technical issues, black screen, picture quality when DVDs are used, and repairing costs will leave you dead and broke if you are a middle-class man. 

The latest version of the VIZIO televisions available in the market is its 2020 series. It is known to be the best version of the VIZIO TVs so you might want to go and check it out. 

Concluding everything just states that the VIZIO televisions are only worth it if you cannot afford a television of a brand like Sony, LG or any other great brand. 

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